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Affordable mosquito and fly control are now available for Kentucky Residents. We are licensed and registered with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.  Our products are all bee and butterfly save and non-toxic to you and your family. 

The Bug Fighter™ Tube

One tube will protect 400 sq.ft. or 20'x20' enough to protect your porch from mosquitoes and flies. Need more coverage?  The Bug Fighter™ Tube can be hung just about anywhere, hang them along fences or in trees.  No trees? Easily hang the tube from store-bought flower hangers staked around your yard.

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How the system works:

1. Reusable tubes (which last for years) are hung around the home and yard. The tubes hold and protect the EcoBait™.


2. Mosquitoes are attracted to the tubes and eat the bait which kills them. In studies, each bait pad killed about 50,000 mosquitoes!


3. Every 3-4 weeks replace the EcoBait™ for continuous coverage.


4.Used EcoBait™ can be placed in birdbaths or standing water to kill mosquito larvae. 

*Flowers work similarly but need to be protected from rain and sun, so they are perfect for protecting balconies, porches and indoor spaces too! Bait in the flowers should be replaced every 2-3 weeks.

Mosquito-Bourne Diseases in Ky

Saving Lives a Gift from God

Dr. Tom Kollars shares his story about an orphanage in Kenya where many children's lives where being lost due to Malaria. The nurse called him after a few months of using ProVector® and they were free from mosquitoes; no more children were dying.  The nurse explained that ProVector® reminded her of the Wordless Gospel. The colors used were based on science, but those same colors remind us of the Wordless Gospel. This is not a coincidence. We believe that God is working through Dr. Kollars to help save lives from dangerous mosquitoes. For this reason, a Bible verse appears on every ProVector® product.  We want everyone to know of Jesus's promise and love for us. 


Saving Lives is What We Do

Affordable Mosquito Protection

Let us protect your family today with non-toxic, all-natural and bee-friendly mosquito and fly control.


Our product will greatly reduce mosquito populations in your family's yard, allowing you to have a safe, bite-free and pest-free space that you can enjoy without worrying about bug sprays, repellent torches, candles and mosquito-borne diseases.

Our promise is to keep bringing you a great, scientifically proven product that will help save lives.


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"PEOPLE. This stuff works. Idk why. Idk how. But we used it all last summer and NEVER had bites. Do yourself a favor. buy it."


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