Frequently asked questions

Why can't I ship outside of Kentucky?

Our product is considered a pesticide and is registered with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, unfortunately due to regulations we cannot ship outside of Kentucky at this time. We are working to expand our sales locations.

Is the product safe for children and pets?

While our Ecobait is non-toxic and considered food grade, we advise that you keep the product out of reach of children and pets.

Shipping Costs

Packages are usually shipped next business day via USPS Priority Mail. Your package should arrive in 3-5 business days. Shipping is a flat $7.99 per order. FREE Shipping for any order over $120. Your product comes directely from the Creator of the product who makes, handles and ships the product to your door. If you live in Louisville please send me a message before ordering as I may be able to deliver product right to your door or meet at one of my vending events.

How long do bait pads last?

Ecobait pads last up to one month. Since they are all-natural and non-toxic the product degrades after production. We advise keeping tubes in shady areas where mosquitoes tend to bread, this also helps product last longer. Also, please purchase pads as needed and use immediately upon receipt.

Where should I place ProVector® Tubes?

ProVector® tubes cover approximately 400 sq. ft. so we recommend that you place tubes in each corner of your yard, and one on each porch area. Placing in a shady area helps attract more mosquitoes and flies while also protecting the bait pads from sunlight and rain.

Return Policy

If you are unhappy with you product for any reason, please contact us and we will help resolve the issue.

What are the ingredients in EcoBait™?

All Natural Active Ingredients: Eugenol , Clove Oil, Thyme Oil, honey, sugar, water, vegetable oil, mineral oil, sodium citrate, kaolin, cellulose, xanthan gum, ultramarine blue.

Why are there more mosquitoes all of a sudden?

Mosquitoes tend to hatch/breed following rain. If it has just rained and you see an increase in mosquito activity don't worry. Your product is still working and will work to kill this generation of mosquitoes in 1-2 days. Having the correct amount of tubes around your property will greatly help reduce the mosquito population and therefore decrease activity over time.

How are ProVector® products different than mosquito spray companies?

Other companies are using sprays made from chrysanthemum flowers and while they may be temporarily effective, they are NOT SAFE for many animals. In addition, sprays require time to dry before it is considered 'safe' for your family, and can be washed away by rain costing you more money and additional applications. Sprays require a correct application by a licensed technician but this does not ensure safety to wildlife or effectiveness. Our product is simple to use and addresses all these issues. EcoBait™ products are safe for Bees, Butterflies, Fireflies, Hummingbirds and of course your family and pets!


Many people ask about the difference between Mosquito Yard Sprays and our line of products. Yard sprays contain naturally derived, but harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to bees, butterflies and, wildlife. If sprayed properly, sprays can be temporarily effective but it does not continue to kill mosquitoes, so mosquitoes return quickly.  The chemicals used also can cause pesticide resistance in mosquitos, creating super mosquitoes!

Also, spraying is expensive.


1. Our EcoBait is protected from rain and light by unique applicator tubes and works continuously for up to 4 weeks. 

2. EcoBait has not shown to cause pesticide resistance but has been shown effective in killing pesticide-resistant mosquitoes. 

3. Safe for people and Wildlife.

4. Each tube covers 20x20 for up to 4 weeks.  You buy the tubes once and just replace bait, which is much cheaper than repeated spraying.