Here is what people are saying...

"I'm a favorite target for mosquitoes and I've tried nearly every non-toxic product out there to try to either control them or at least avoid being bitten as much. Nothing I've ever used in the past has worked as well as this product. I'm sitting on my porch now, enjoying the evening, and listen to my pond fountain. Thanks for letting me enjoy my yard again without itching!"

Monica Turner

"I normally can’t be outside for more than a few SECONDS before the bites start. Sometimes they bite me the second I open my door and step outside. I’ve had the flower out for 4 days and NOT ONCE have I been bitten. NOT ONCE!!! I’ve avoided having a nice outdoor space because mosquitos bite me even when I’m in the middle of citronella and drench myself in bug spray. This is the first time I can go outside and just relax and I’m so happy!!"

Nikki Henry

"I highly recommend this company! Meghan has provided us with so much education on Mosquitos and the ability we have to prevent them. Our family is now safe and it was all because of an amazing event that our paths crossed. This lady is sure to be perfect for your next event! Thanks, Meghan Fish for all you have done for us. We can now enjoy our backyard again!!"

Kara Hinton