Meet the
Mosquito Destroyers


Dr. Tom Kollars


Dr.Kollars is the internationally recognized Epidemiologist and Entomologist behind the science of the ProVector® series of products that have been used around the world.  “This is a very environmentally-friendly apparatus that uses a safe biopesticide, so it can be safely used in the home. No pesticides are sprayed into the environment.” ProVector® was originally created to help save lives from mosquito-borne illnesses such as malaria, dengue fever, West Nile and Zika viruses.


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Meghan Fish

Distributor - Louisville, KY

Meghan is a wife and mother of two young children; passionate about using eco-friendly, non-toxic products. Meghan studied Mathematics Education and Deaf Studies as an undergraduate at Rutgers University. Meghan has an extensive customer service background and a love for people which led to partnering with Dr. Tom Kollars to get the ProVector® products out to Kentucky residents. Meghan is a mosquito bite sufferer who avoided the outdoors and has been through every product on the market before finding the ProVector® series of products.


We are happy to bring a product that is saving lives globally to your family.
* A percentage of all sales will go towards sharing this product to those who cannot afford protection from mosquito borne illnesses both locally and globally.

Why I teamed up with Dr. Kollars...

I attended Catholic school for 9 years and in those years I learned to love Jesus.  I may not have the same exact views as other believers, but I know that God is good and God is love.  I had a fascination with becoming a nun to serve others; but also wanted to experience motherhood, be a school teacher, and be a journalist. I loved mathematics and photography.   God has led my life in so many ways and I have faith and trust in Him to lead me where I need to be.  In the past, He has closed some doors for me, to push me in the right direction, but He always opened the windows and led me somewhere better. I have read numerous fiction books, watched movies about Africa and dreamed of serving on Mercy Ships.  When Dr. Kollars presented me with the opportunity to help others by sharing his amazing product locally I knew it was His plan.  I am excited to explore all my talents in this new adventure and I pray he will bless our business and allow us to continue to help saves lives both locally and globally. 

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